June 22, 2018

In California, One Gun Ranch and Organic Soup Kitchen Products May Contain Botulism

The California Department of Public Health is warning consumers to not eat soups from One Gun Ranch and Organic Soup Kitchen because they may have been improperly produced, making them susceptible to Clostridium botulinum. That bacteria flourishes in low oxygen (anerobic) environments such as canned foods, and is a particular problem in low-acid canned foods.

Product details:

  • ¬†One Gun Ranch Soups
    • Campfire Kitchen Cauliflower Soup
    • Heirloom Tomato Fennel Gaspacho Soup
    • Sequoia’s Skinny Spiced Coconut, Parsnip, and Turmeric Soup
    • Ossian’s Pumpkin Stew
    • Freddy’s Firegrilled Meatballs
    • Sold in 16-ounce glass jars with screw-on metal lids.
    • All soups were sold at Pacific Palisades Farmers Market atSwathmore Avenue and Sunset Boulevard in Pacific Palisades, CA
    • Sold on May 13, 2012 and June 3, 2012
  • Organic Soup Kitchen Soups
    • Fire Roasted Yam
    • Curried Potato Leek
    • Curry Lentil Bisque
    • Tomato Bean and Wild Herb
    • Mediterranean Chipotle Chili
    • Packaged in one-quart glass jars with screw-on metal lids
    • Sold at the Calabasas Farmers Market at Calabasas Road and El Canon Avenue on Saturdays and at Studio City Farmers Market at Venture Place in Studio City on Sundays
    • Sold between June 6, 2011 and May 6, 2012

Botulism is a nerve toxin that is produced by the bacteria. Symptoms include double vision, blurred vision, drooping eyelids, and a dry sore throat, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, and paralysis. If you have purchased these soups, throw them away immediately and wash your hands with soap and water. No illnesses are linked to these products at this time.


  1. NO ONE HAS GOTTEN ILL & NO TEST HAVE BEEN MADE. I wish you had professional writers that would do a little research instead of creating a blood bath. Drama always makes good news.

    • Linda Larsen says:

      All we’re doing is reporting on the recall; this information is straight from the CADPH. Any low-acid canned food that is not properly processed is a risk for botulism. I hardly think that a recall is a “blood bath”. And I’ve done plenty of research on this topic, thank you. The CA Department of Public Health is being responsible here and performing their public duty. As are we.

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