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Smiling Hara Recalls Unpasteurized Tempeh for Possible Salmonella

Smiling Hara of Ashville, North Carolina is voluntarily recalling unpasteurized soybean tempeh because of possible Salmonella contamination. Tempeh is used by vegetarians as a meat substitute. Product details: Unpasteurized Soybean Tempeh Manufactured between January 11, 2012 and April 11, 2012 Containers have best-by dates of 7/11/12 through 10/25/12 Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said in a statement, "Anyone with this product in their possession should not eat it. Smiling Hara launched the recall after samples collected by the North Carolina Deprtment of Agriculture and Consumer Services tested positive for Salmonella during a routine inspection." The product was made at Blue Ridge Food Ventures, a shared-use food production facility in Buncombe County, North … [Read more...]

After Smiling Hara Salmonella Recall, Industrial Kitchen Releases Statement

After Smiling Hara of Asheville, N.C. today announced a recall of unpasteurized soybean tempeh due to possible Salmonella contamination, Blue Ridge Food Ventures, a shared-use food production facility in Buncombe County where the product is made, released a statement. Smiling Hara, which supplies frozen tempeh to local restaurants and stores, is one of several businesses in the community that is being investigated for a possible link to the Salmonella outbreak that has sickened dozens of people in the Asheville area, according to Blue Ridge Food Ventures. Smiling Hara is one of 20 small, local food companies that rents time and industrial kitchen space at Blue Ridge Food Ventures, the statement said. "Each of these businesses is its own legal entity and operates independent of Blue … [Read more...]

Little B’s Bakery in Canada Recalls Haystacks

Little B's Bakery in Canada is recalling two types of Coconut Haystacks, because they contain an undeclared allergen: sulfites. The product is a macaroon. Product details: Chocolate Coconut Haystacks 380 grams Best Before dates up to and including May 18, 2012 No UPC number Coconut Haystacks 320 grams Best Before dates up to and including May 18, 2012 No UPC number Both products were distributed in Ontario For questions, call the CFIA at 1-800-442-2342. … [Read more...]

OMB Delayed Food Safety Rules Still Not Released

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is delaying the release of four food safety rules central to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2010. Several legislators and consumer groups have called on the government to release these rules so they can be commented on and become law. Food Poisoning Bulletin talked to Chris Waldrop, Director of the Food Policy Institute at the Consumer Federation of America, a nonprofit association that advances consumer interests through research and advocacy, about this issue. We asked why the rules have been delayed. Mr. Waldrop said, "it's a closed process, so we really don't know what's going on. OMB is still working out some of the questions for the FDA." "The primary intention of the Food Safety Modernization Act and these … [Read more...]

More Salmonella Paratyphi B Cases in Buncombe County, North Carolina

According to Gaylen Erlichman of the Buncombe County Department of Health, as of 1:00 pm April 30, 2012 there are 37 cases of Salmonella Paratyphi B in the current outbreak. The bacteria causes an illness called paratyphoid fever, similar to typhoid fever. All of the patients either live in Buncombe County or have visited there. The outbreak began on February 28, 2012. Officials have not yet pinpointed a source. This bacterium is very contagious. It's found in the intestinal tract of humans, and is spread when someone goes to the bathroom, doesn't wash their hands properly, then touches food or other objects. Ill persons can be carriers of the bacteria for as long as one year and can spread it through handling or preparing food. The incubation period, or time between exposure and the … [Read more...]

Obama Administration Appealing WTO COOL Ruling

This week, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is opening the COOL ruling appeal process to the public in an unprecedented move. Last year, the WTO ruled that the United States' country-of-origin labeling (COOL) law in the 2008 Farm Bill is a barrier to free trade that violates agreements the U.S. has with several other countries. Country-of-origin labeling is simply identifying for the consumer where a product originated. WTO said that COOL is a "technical barrier to trade." The Obama Administration is appealing this ruling. Consumer groups believe that consumers have a right to know where their food comes from. Food Poisoning Bulletin asked Chris Waldrop, Director of the Consumer Federation of America's (CFA) Food Policy Institute, about this issue. In a statement, the CFA said that … [Read more...]

Humane Society Complaint Filed Over Pork Council’s Ads

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) filed a legal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission last week, alleging that the National Pork Producers Council's (NPPC) ads are deceptive. The ads in question are titled: "We Care Initiative" and "Pork Quality Assurance Plus" programs. The issue centers around breeding sows raised in gestation crates. About 70% of these animals are confined in the crates, which are so small the animals cannot move freely. The trade group claims in its ads that the animals "receive humane care and handling." The NPPC stated that they will "analyze the complaint" and "vigorously defend against the absolutely false claims made by HSUS." An American Farm Bureau poll conducted in 2007 found that 95% of Americans think farm animals should be well … [Read more...]

Colorado Cantaloupe Growing Season Begins

It’s the start of a new cantaloupe growing season in Colorado where producers will plant about 2 million acres of the melon with the hope that consumer confidence has rebounded after a Listeria outbreak last year sickened 146 people and killed 35. Last fall, growers from the region met with Colorado Agriculture Commissioner John Salazar to discuss how to recover from the outbreak fallout. The Rocky Ford region of Colorado is the birthplace of the U.S. cantaloupe industry. Farmers have been growing Rocky Ford cantaloupes - known for their especially sweet taste, for 120 years. Together with Pueblo county, Rocky Ford produces the bulk of the state’s cantaloupe which, in 2010, generated about $8 million in sales, according to the Colorado Agricultural Statistics Service. For more … [Read more...]

USDA Releases More Details About “Mad Cow”

The USDA has released more details about the case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as "mad cow" disease, that was found in a dairy cow in California. The government said the cow was "humanely euthanized" after it demonstrated "downer" behavior; that is, it stopped walking. This case was an "atypical case of BSE", according to the government. That means it was a spontaneous mutation, not the result of the animal contracting the disease through contaminated feed. BSE is caused by mutated proteins, called prions, which change the structure of the brain. This results in neurological damage. Prions are "a new frontier", according to veterinarian Dr. Janet Tobiassen Crosby, editor of Veterinary Medicine at About.com. Prions, technically known as "proteinaceous … [Read more...]

FDA’s New Priorities for Food and Veterinary Medicine

This week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released its Final Strategic Plan for 2012 to 2016 to make sure the food supply in this country is protected based on scientific standards. Overall, the government wants to make sure that food for animals and humans is "safe and secure", that animal drugs are safe and effective, and that food labels are reliable, with useful information. The plan lays out seven main goals to achieve these results. They are:Establish science-based preventive control standards across the farm-to-table continuum. This should protect food and feed supplies from contamination, and implement and improve preventive control standards.Achieve high rates of compliance with preventive controls standards in the US and internationally. The supply chain should be … [Read more...]

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