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In Canada, Lotte Choco Pie Recalled for Undeclared Almonds

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Uncle T Food Ltd. are recalling Lotte brand Choco Pies because they contain almonds that are not declared on the label. Product details: Lotte brand Choco Pie 168 gram packages UPC number 8 801062 161881 336 gram packages UPC number 8 801062 160709 UPC number 8 801062 16825 All Date descriptions are affected by this recall Distributed in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario and may have been distributed in other provinces There have been no reported illnesses associated with the consumption of this product. For people with severe tree nut allergies, eating a product that contains almonds can cause a serious or life-threatening reaction. Uncle T Food Ltd of British Columbia is the importer of this … [Read more...]

WTO Rules Against COOL Again

Back in April, we told you about the Obama administration appealing the World Trade Organization's ruling that the U.S. country of origin labeling (COOL) program in the 2008 Farm Bill is a barrier to free trade. On June 29, 2012, the WTO ruled against the United States' COOL plan again, saying it unfairly discriminated against Mexico and Canada because of certain record keeping and verification requirements those countries say were designed to "achieve a protectionist objective". U.S. meat processors must separate Canadian and Mexican animals and the meat that comes from them, increasing costs, so the big processors tend to avoid meat from those countries. Canada and Mexico brought the case to the WTO in 2008. Other parts of the decision affirmed the U.S. right to adopt COOL. It … [Read more...]

Oregon Raw Milk Producers To Organize

Oregon raw milk producers should create an organization that would provide training, consulting, farm visits and inspections, according to Charlotte Smith, owner of Champoeg Creamery in St. Paul, OR. Smith who blogs about her farm has posted a recent call to action for raw milk producers in the state to join together and create an organization that will provide resources to raw milk producers and lend a voice to the grow industry,  “As a result of the recent ecoli [sic] outbreak in Wilsonville, once again it was proven to me that we need more resources to help the raw milk producers in Oregon.  Right now there are few, and many don't know the few we have.  The Department of Agriculture at this time does not offer support or advice, other farmers are too busy, so most of us just read a … [Read more...]

New Yorkers Warned to Avoid Queso Fresco From Mexicali Cheese

New York Agriculture Commissioner Darrel Aubertine warned consumers in the metropolitan New York area to avoid Queso Fresco made by Mexicali Cheese Corporation in Woodhaven, New York, for possible Listeria contamination. Product details: Queso Fresco, Fresh Cheese Packaged in rigid 14 ounce plastic tubs Plant number 36-0128 Code of 071512 Packaged in containers bearing these names: Mexicali Queso Fresco Mexicano Mexican Style Fresh Cheese Acatian Queso Fresco, Fresh Cheese Sold in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens, along with metropolitan New York A sample of the cheese, taken by the Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services on June 20, 2012, and tested by the Department's Food Laboratory, was contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The company was … [Read more...]

Standard Process Supplements Recalled for Possible Salmonella Contamination

Standard Process Inc. of Wisconsin is recalling three dietary supplements due to possible Salmonella contamination: Cataplex ACP (Product numbers 0700 and 0750, Lot 114), Cataplex C (Product number 1650 1655, Lot 114), Pancreatrophin PMG (Product number 6650, Lot 114). The products were distributed in 60 cc and 200 cc amber glass bottles with Best Used By dates of 5/13. No other products or lot numbers are affected. Distributors and health care professionals have purchased these specific lots through telephone calls and mailings. The products were sold to consumers through health care professionals. A routine FDA inspection revealed that one of the ingredients used to make the supplements potentially contained Salmonella. If you have purchased this products, with specific lot codes of … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak Prompts Nebraska Health Advisory

In response to the Salmonella Montevideo outbreak linked to live poultry, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has issued a health advisory urging all veterinarians, health officials and medical professionals to disseminate information within their communities that will help prevent the spread of the outbreak. So far, 66 people in 20 states have contracted Salmonella Montevideo infections from handling live chicks or ducks from Estes Hatchery in Springfield, MO, according to the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Five of them are from Nebraska. In at least 16 cases, those who became ill were so sick they required hospitalization and about 35 percent of those sickened have been children under 10. This outbreak, announced by the … [Read more...]

New Study Adds Up Annual Cost of Illness from 14 Foodborne Pathogens

A new study published in the Journal of Food Protection has added up the annual cost of illness from 14 foodborne pathogens. Those pathogens make up 95% of the foodborne illnesses and hospitalizations in the United States. They also account for 98% of deaths caused by foodborne pathogens. The cost of illnesses from those 14 pathogens add up to $14 billion every year. That cost is calculated using medical costs, productivity loss, and the cost of premature death. About 90% of this amount is caused by just five pathogens: Salmonella enterica costs $3.3 billion every year Toxoplasma gondii costs $3 billion Listeria monocytogenes costs $2.6 billion Norovirus costs $2 billion Campylobacter costs $1.7 billion The study also counted the number of QALYs lost to these pathogens. … [Read more...]

Popeye Was Right: Eat Your Greens

If you're over a certain age, you are very familiar with the Popeye cartoons. The hapless sailor could achieve superhuman levels of strength (and save Olive Oyl) after eating spinach. A new study published in The Journal of Physiology finds that leafy greens, which contain nitrate, do help you develop stronger muscles. The researchers found that nitrate, eaten in quantities easily accessible in a normal diet, improves muscle strength. Nitrate occurs naturally in leafy greens and vegetables, such as spinach, beet greens, lettuce, and chard. It's also found in beetroot juice. The amount given to mice in the study is equivalent to 200 to 300 grams of fresh spinach every day, or eating two to three beets. To put that amount into perspective, one cup of packed fresh baby spinach leaves … [Read more...]

Castle Farms Granted Temporary Permit To Sell Raw Milk

Castle Farms, the farm in Irving, New York that earlier this month was ordered to stop selling raw milk after random testing by the New York State Department of Agriculture  (NYDA) produced a positive result of  E.coli 0157:H7, has been granted a temporary permit to sell raw milk while it undergoes further testing, according to the NYDA. The temporary permit was granted after a subsequent test for pathogens was negative according to and NYDA official. At least two more negative tests will be required before the permanent permit is reinstated, the official said. In New York, all farms that sell raw milk must be permitted and are inspected monthly. On June 12, NYDA issued a Food Safety Alert notifying consumers that raw milk produced on the farm was potentially contaminated and they … [Read more...]

Stay Food Safe This Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is next week; many people celebrate with cookouts and barbecues. And the USDA wants you to stay safe and serve safe food. They've put out a video, infographics, fact sheets, and podcasts at FSIS' "Grill it Safe" webpage. View the video for safe grilling at YouTube. Be sure to follow the food safety rules of: Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill whenever you prepare food. USDA's Under Secretary for Food Safety Elisabeth Hagen said, "We want to provide families with important information that will help reduce the risk of foodborne illness during their Fourth of July celebrations. Small children and the elderly are among the most vulnerable to foodborne illness, and this information is essential in protecting loved ones at family barbecues and picnics." Clean Bring … [Read more...]

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