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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Hepatitis A Outbreak Hits 6 States

A Hepatitis A outbreak linked to strawberries imported from Egypt and served Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations in Virginia has sickened at least 66 people in six states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At least 20 people have been hospitalized. Most of those sickened, 55, are from Virginia. The other states reporting cases are Maryland (4), West Virginia (4), North Carolina (1), Oregon (1) and Wisconsin (1). The most recent case was reported August 23. Hepatitis A is a contagious liver disease that is spread from person to person and through contaminated food and beverages. Infected people can be contagious before symptoms and sometimes show no symptoms at all. It is expected that more cases will be reported as the incubation period with Hepatitis A can … [Read more...]

Ton Shen/ Life Rising Recalls all DHZC-2 Tablets After Reports of Illnesses, Deaths

Ton Shen Health/Life Rising Corporation of Chicago expanded a recall of “DHZC-2” Tablets to include all lots purchased before August 24, 2016 after state and federal health authorities said they were investigating six reports of adverse effects associated with the herbal supplement including the illnesses of two children and the possibility of two deaths. Health officials say the product, which was sold nationwide in retails stores and distributed through mail orders, may be contaminated with elevated levels of lead, a toxic substance. Exposure to anything but small amounts of lead can cause lead poisoning. “This case reminds us again that dietary supplements are not regulated as drugs by the FDA," said Ryan Osterholm, a noted food safety attorney who has represented clients sickened … [Read more...]

Virginia Hepatitis A Outbreak Now at 44 Sick

The Virginia Department of Health is updating the hepatitis A outbreak case count in that state every day at noon. As of 12:00 pm on August 30, 2016, 44 Virginia residents who tested positive for hepatitis A reported consuming a smoothie at Tropical Smoothie Cafe before they got sick. About 50% of those sickened have been hospitalized because their illnesses are so severe. The patient age range is from 15 to 68. Illness onset dates range from early May through August. On August 12, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notified Department officials that the hepatitis A cluster in that state was caused by a strain of hepatitis A that was associated with past outbreaks due to frozen strawberries imported from Egypt. Tropical Smoothie Cafe stopped using the product at … [Read more...]

Ginseng Almonds Recalled in Canada for Undeclared Milk

Great Mountain Ginseng Co. Ltd. is recalling their Ginseng Almonds in Canada because they contain milk, one of the major food allergens, that is not declared on the label. Anyone who is allergic to milk or who is lactose intolerant could have a serious reaction if they eat this product. There is no word on whether or not any reactions have been reported. The product was sold in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec at the retail level. It is Great Mountain brand Ginseng Almonds in 200 gram packages. All codes where milk is not declared on the label are recalled. The UPC number of the recalled product is 8 37753 00082 3. If you purchased this product and are allergic to milk or are lactose intolerant, do not eat it. Throw it away or take it back to the store where you bought … [Read more...]

Diamond Macadamia Nuts Recalled for Possible Salmonella

Snyder's-Lance is recalling Diamond of California Macadamia Nuts because they may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with the consumption of this product. An FDA-contracted laboratory found the bacteria in a 4 ounce package of chopped macadamia nuts. The voluntary recall is limited to multiple production codes of two products. The production code is on the front of the package. The recalled products include Diamond of California Chopped Macadamia Nuts in a 4 ounce package. The UPC number is 010300345848 and the Lot Number/Best Before Date combinations are 16137D331S/16 NOV 2017, 16138D331S/17 NOV 2017, and 16158D331S/06 DEC 2017. Also recalled is Diamond of California Macadamia Halves & Pieces in 2.25 ounce packages. The … [Read more...]

Ton Shen Health Expands Recall of DHZC-2 Tablets for Lead

Ton Shen Health/Life Rising Corporation of Chicago is expanding its recall of DHZC-2 Tablets for elevated lead levels to include all lots purchased before August 24, 2016. There have been six cases of adverse effects involving individuals taking the dietary supplement. Lead is a toxic substance that can cause lead poisoning. Tiny amounts of lead won't hurt you, but in larger quantities, this heavy metal can cause cancer, developmental delays, Lead builds up in your body over a period of months or years. At very high levels of the metal, lead poisoning is fatal. The symptoms of lead poisoning in children include developmental delays, learning problems, irritability, loss of appetite, weight loss, sluggishness and fatigue, abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, and hearing loss. … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Heber Valley Raw Milk in Utah

A Salmonella outbreak has been linked to raw milk produced by Heber Valley Raw Milk in Utah. Between March 20 and August 14, at least nine people were sickened with Salmonella Saintpaul infections after drinking the unpasteurized milk. Two of them required hospitalization. All of the case patients, who range in age from 15 to 78 years, have recovered. Those sickened purchased the milk at Heber Valley Milk in Wasatch County. On August 23, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food tested a sample of raw milk collected from the dairy and it was positive for Salmonella Saintpaul. Tests performed more recently showed no signs of the bacteria and the dairy was cleared to resume sales. Symptoms of a Salmonella infection include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and headache. … [Read more...]

Candy Recalled in Canada for Undeclared Sulphites

Verka Food International and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are recalling Dry Petha, an Indian candy, because it contains sulphites, a food allergen, that is not declared on the label. Anyone who is allergic to sulphites could have a serious reaction if they eat this product. No reported reactions associated with the consumption of this product have been received to date. The candy was sold in British Columbia and Ontario at the retail level, and may have been sold nationally. It is Verka brand Dry Petha in 450 gram packages. All codes of the product where sulphites are not declared on the  label are recalled. The UPC number for the product is 8 84282 11118 6. If you purchased this product and are allergic to sulphites, do not eat it. Throw it away or return it to the place of … [Read more...]

Whirlpool Recalls Microwaves for Fire Hazard

The Whirlpool company is recalling microwave hood combinations for a possible fire hazard. Internal arcing during use can ignite a plastic internal component, causing a fire hazard. Arcing is a spark inside the microwave, usually caused by metal. About 15,200 units are being recalled nationwide. The microwave hood combinations were sold in stainless steel, black, and white. The model numbers and serial numbers are located on the inside of the unit, above the oven cavity on the left hand side. These are the model and serial numbers included in the recall. The serial numbers are all TR33500000 to TR34899999. The model numbers are WMH53520CS, WMH53520CW, WMH53520CB, WMH53520CE, WMH53520CH, WMH73521CS, WMH73521CW, WMH73521CB, WMH73521CE, and WMH73521CH. Whirlpool has received five … [Read more...]

40 Now Sick in Virginia Tropical Smoothie Hepatitis A Outbreak

At least forty people are now sick in the hepatitis A outbreak associated with strawberry smoothies sold at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe restaurants in Virginia. That number is current as of 12:00 pm on August 29, 2016. The health department press release states that about 55% of the residents, for whom information is available, have been hospitalized for their illness. The 40 ill residents range in age from 15 to 68. Onsets of illness for the 40 patients range from early May through mid-August. That means that anyone who had a strawberry smoothie from a Tropical Smoothie Cafe restaurant in Virginia in April, May, June, July, or August may have been exposed to the virus. Since the longest incubation period for this illness is 50 days, anyone who ate there July 10, 2016 or later … [Read more...]

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