April 22, 2018

Petco Recalling Stainless Steel Bowls for Radioactivity

Pegtco is recalling stainless steel pet food bowls because they contain small quantities of Cobalt-60, a radioactive material. A foreign supplier used steel containing the material. The radioactive levels in the affected products are far below State and Federal regulatory limits, according to Petco. There is no health risk to the public or to pets. In fact, the Illinois state government tested the bowls and found that “as a reference of relative risk of these items, a person who holds one of the bowls against their chest for 160 hours, roughly six and a half days, would receive a dose equivalent to a single chest x-ray.”

The products were in two cargo containers that entered the country in late May and early June. The problem was discovered by Customs and Border Protection agents during a routine import screening. One container was held at port and the contents were not distributed. The other container cleared customs and the contents were sold.

The recalled bowls include PETC-3.75C DEEP TWO TONE NOTIP 9.25″ diameter, 3.75 cup capacity stainless steel bowl with SKU number 1047493; PETC-3.5C NO-TIP SS HAMMRD BWL 9″ diameter; 3.5 cup capacity, SKU number 1386956; and PETC-7C TWO TONE NONTIP BOWL 9″ diameter; 7 cup capacity, with SKU number 1047477. You can see pictures of the recalled bowls below.

The company has removed from store shelves and from the website “all products from the supplier that produced the bowls”. If you purchased one of these products, return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. For questions, call 877-738-6742.




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