December 14, 2018

Romaine Lettuce E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak Grows to 59 Sick

The romaine lettuce E. coli O157:H7 outbreak has grown to include 59 people in 15 states, according to an update posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That is an addition of seven more ill persons since the last update was posted on December 6, 2018. Twenty-three people have been hospitalized, and two people have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a  type of kidney failure. There are 27 people in Canada who are sick with the same strain of E. coli O157:H7 bacteria. All epidemiologic, laboratory, and traceback evidence from both countries indicates that this outbreak is linked to romaine lettuce harvested from the Central Coastal growing regions of northern and central California. The case count by state is: California (12), Connecticut (1), … [Read more...]

FDA Names Adam Bros Farming in Romaine E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak

The FDA has named one farm in California where the outbreak strain of E. coli O157:H7 linked to romaine lettuce was found. The farm is a ranch owned and operated by Adam Bros Farming, Inc., in Santa Barbara County. The bacteria was found in the sediment of an agricultural reservoir at the ranch. The bacteria matches those collected from patients who were sickened in this outbreak. Officials used whole genome sequencing (WGS) to identify the strain. The FDA has confirmed that Adam Bros Farming has not shipped any romaine since November er 20, 2018. Officials are working at the farm to try to discover how the contamination occurred and what actions should be taken before the next growing season begins. Adams Bros Farming is cooperating with the FDA and CDC and will recall … [Read more...]

FDA Reiterates Warning About Achdut Tahini Linked to Salmonella Concord Outbreak

The FDA is reiterating its warning to consumers to avoid eating Achdut Tahini. Products made by Actdut Ltd., which is based in Israel, are linked to a Salmonella Concord outbreak that has sickened at least 5 people. Achdut updated their recall on December 11, 2018, to include all brands of tahini products that were manufactured from April 7, 2018 to May 21, 2018. Most of the Achdut tahini brands have expiration dates of April 7, 2020 to May 21, 2020. One exception is for Baron's brand tahini, with an expiration date of May 5, 2021. The tahini was sold through mail order and is available internationally in retail stores. The brands of Achdut tahini that are recalled include Achva, Achdut, Soom, S&F, Baron's, and Pepperwood. The product lot codes range from 18-097 to 18-141. … [Read more...]

Salmonella Newport Outbreak Linked to Ground Beef Grows to 333 Sick

The Salmonella Newport outbreak that is linked to ground beef from JBS Tolleson has grown to include 333 people sick in 28 states. Ninety-one people have been hospitalized. That's an addition of 87 more patients since the last notice was published in November 2018. Those additional 87 ill people live in 16 states. New states added to the outbreak count are Michigan, Mississippi, and West Virginia. Illness onset dates range from August 5, 2018 to November 9, 2018. The patient age range is from less than one year to 99. The hospitalization rate in this outbreak, which is 33%, is higher than the typical hospitalization rate for a Salmonella outbreak, which is 20%. The states with the most ill persons are Arizona, with 50, California, with 107, and Colorado, with 58. Of the 227 … [Read more...]

Del Monte Fiesta Corn Recalled For Under Processing

Del Monte Foods is recalling 64,242 cases of Fiesta Corn Seasoned with Red & Green Peppers because the product was under-processed. The commercial sterilization process did not work as it should, which could result in contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens. The recall notice states that this "could lead to life-threatening illness if consumed." The notice did not state which pathogens the company is concerned about. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this recall. And no other Del Monte Foods products are affected by this recall. The Fiesta Corn Seasoned with Red & Green Peppers is packaged in a 15.25 ounce can. The UPC number on the product is 24000 02770. The "Best if Used By" dates on these cans include: August 14, 2021 August … [Read more...]

FDA Narrows Scope of E. coli Romaine Lettuce Outbreak

The FDA has narrowed the scope of the E. coli O157:H7 romaine lettuce outbreak investigation. The outbreak has grown from the latest update in November 2018, with 52 people now sick. The FDA states in their latest romaine lettuce outbreak update that "Traceback information from four restaurants in three different states so far has implicated 10 different distributors, 12 different growers, and 11 different farms as potential sources of the contaminated lettuce. The information indicates that the outbreak cannot be explained by a single farm, grower, harvester, or distributor." However, they have not named those distributors, growers, or farms. The FDA's Produce Safety Network is assisting with the investigation. This network includes personnel from the FDA's Center for Food … [Read more...]

E. coli O157:H7 Romaine Outbreak Increases With 52 Sick and 19 Hospitalized

The E. coli O157:H7 romaine outbreak has grown, according to an update posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Since the last update posted in November 26, 2018, an additional nine patients have been added to the total for 52 sick. Those patients live in 15 states. Nineteen people have been hospitalized. The patient case count by state in this E. coli O157:H7 romaine outbreak is: California (11), Connecticut (1), Florida (1), Illinois (2), Louisiana (1), Massachusetts (1), Maryland (1), Michigan (7), New Hampshire (6), New Jersey (11), New York (6), Ohio (1), Pennsylvania (1), Rhode Island (1), and Wisconsin (1).  Illness onset dates range from October 5, 2018 to November 18, 2018. Nineteen people have been hospitalized; two have developed hemolytic uremic … [Read more...]

JBS Tolleson Ground Beef Recall Associated With Salmonella Outbreak Expands

JBS Tolleson ground beef is associated with a Salmonella Newport outbreak that has sickened at least 246 people in 25 states. The recall issued in association with that outbreak that was originally announced on October 4, 2018 has now doubled. An additional 5,156,076 pounds of raw beef products is recalled, for a total of 12,093,271 pounds. The raw, non-intact beef items were packaged on various dates ranging from July 26, 2018 to September 7, 2018. All of the recalled products have the establishment number "EST. 267" inside the USDA mark of inspection or somewhere else on the label. They were shipped to retail locations and institutions nationwide. You can see the long list of recalled products, along with product code, use by date, and distribution level, at the USDA web site. The … [Read more...]

Salmonella Concord Outbreak Linked to Imported Tahini Sickens Five

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released information about the Salmonella Concord outbreak that is linked to imported tahini produced by Achdut Ltd. in Israel. Five people in three states are sick with this infection. No one has been hospitalized, and no deaths are reported. The case count by state is: Hawaii (1), Michigan (1), and New York (3).  Illness onset dates range from June 16, 2018 to October 18, 2018. Epidemiologic and traceback evidence indicates that tahini products from Achdut Ltd. are the likely source of this outbreak. Investigators are using the PulseNet system to identify patients who may be part of this Salmonella Concord outbreak. All five patients have been diagnosed with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Concord. All five people … [Read more...]

Romaine Lettuce E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak: CDC Releases Info

The CDC has released information about the romaine lettuce E. coli O157:H7 outbreak that has sickened dozens in the U.S. and Canada. Officials now say that they think the contaminated lettuce was grown in the Central Coastal growing regions in northern and central California. That means that the warning to avoid all romaine lettuce products has been "narrowed." In other words, if you know that the romaine lettuce you are going to buy is definitely not from that California growing region, it is safe to eat. If you don't know where the romaine lettuce is from, do not eat it. The FDA has reached an agreement with romaine growers and distributors to start labeling romaine, whether it's bagged or sold as whole heads, with a harvest location by region. It may take some time before … [Read more...]

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