September 29, 2023

Costco Hepatitis A Lawsuit Update

The first Costo Hepatitis A lawsuit was filed on behalf of a 51-year-old Lakewood, California, resident. Her lawyers filed the suit against both Townsend Farms and Costco.

Townsend Farms and Costco Hepatitis AAccording to the lawsuit, She purchased the Townsend Farms Organic Anti-Oxidant Blend berries from Costco and ate them before she got sick. She first experienced Hepatitis A symptoms on May 22, 2013, when she began to experience fatigue, chills, achiness and loss of appetite. The tell-tale sign of Hepatitis A, dark urine and yellowing eyes and skin, appeared over the next few days, according to the lawsuit.

By the time she saw her doctor, she had severe liver inflammation and was hospitalized, where she was diagnosed with Hepatitis A.

The Hepatitis A lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County, Case No. BC510633.

A second lawsuit was filed against Costco and Townsend Farms in the Superior Court of San Diego County on behalf of a 58-year old El Cajon, California, resident, who allegedly ate the berries 4 times a week and bought the berries at the Costco in La Mesa, CA. According to the lawsuit, she has been sick for a month and too tired to work.


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