October 21, 2021

Oscar Meyer Father’s Day Bacon Gifts Temporarily Sold Out

Anyone who was hoping to say “Happy Father’s Day” with a gift box of Oscar Meyer bacon may be out of luck.  The company has temporarily sold out of it’s three Father’s Day bacon gift packages sold in “velvet”- covered boxes: The Commander, which sells for $22, comes with 18 -20 slices of bacon and a money clip.  The Woodsman sells for $25 and comes with bacon and a multi-purpose tool. And The Matador, which sells for $28,  comes with bacon and a set of bacon cufflinks.

Grill SafetyIf you can’t give the gift of bacon, but are planning to planning to grill something up for Dad. Be sure to follow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines for safe grilling. Give the grill and your prep areas a good cleaning before you start.

If you are marinating the meat,  do it in the fridge, not on the counter.  If you like to use the marinade as sauce for the cooked meat, divide the mixture and set some aside. Don’t re-use marinade for raw meat as sauce for  cooked meat.

Food thermometers are the only way to tell when meat is cooked properly. Most grocery stores sell instant-read thermometers in the meat department. Here are the temperature guidelines to follow: For fish and whole cuts of pork and beef including steaks, roasts and chops that are not mechanically tenderized and have not been scored,  145˚ F; for mechanically tenderized or scored beef and pork, ground meat, and egg dishes, 160˚F.  Any poultry, including whole birds; pieces, such as breasts and tenderloins; and ground turkey or chicken should be cooked to 165˚F. Use one set of dishes and utensils for raw meat and another set for cooked meat to prevent cross contamination.

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