October 19, 2019

FDA Consulting Firm Publishes InfoGraphic on Pesticide Residues in OJ

Last week, the FDA consulting firm FDAImports.com published an InfoGraphic about pesticide residues in orange juice to reassure consumers that the beverage is safe to drink.

Recent reports about the illegal fungicide carbendazim that were found in some brands of orange juice have worried consumers. It’s scary to hear that such chemicals are in the foods we give our families.

The FDA is holding imported orange juice and testing it to make sure the levels of carbendazim are much lower than EU standards. The government is using EU standards because there are no U.S. standards for carbendazim, since the fungicide is not cleared for use on oranges in this country.

Bottom line: the FDA is working to ensure that any levels of carbendazim in orange juice are miniscule, and there is no cause for public concern at this time. If the FDA finds the fungicide in numbers that present a public health risk, they will issue an alert and we’ll tell you about it.

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