November 17, 2019

Nature’s One CEO: Our Baby Formula Is Safe, Arsenic Study Was Flawed

Nature’s One baby formula is safe and does not contain dangerous levels of arsenic as a recent Dartmouth study suggested, Jay Highman, CEO of the pediatric nutrition company based in Lewis Center, Ohio said in a statement.

ArsenicLast month, researchers at Dartmouth College released the results of a study about arsenic levels in baby formula and cereal bars sweetened with organic brown rice syrup.

There are no U.S. laws regulating arsenic content in food, but there is standard for bottled water of 10 parts per billion (ppb).

Dartmouth researchers said results of their study showed that one of the two baby formulas tested that used organic brown rice syrup as a sweetener had arsenic levels at six times the federal limit for bottled water.

Although the formula manufacturers were not named, Nature’s One baby formulas were “brought under national scrutiny” after the Dartmouth study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives, Highman said in a statement.

Highman said the Dartmouth study “was flawed in its testing methodology which may have contributed to their exaggerated levels of arsenic” and that independent laboratory tests, by an FDA-recognized laboratory, Applied Speciation, show baby formula products manufactured by Nature’s One, Inc. fall more than 20% below all world standards for rice-based foods fed to infants and children.

“While we are pleased with the results of the testing,” Highman said in a statement, “we will continue to make sure our products have the lowest possible amounts of any known food contaminants that may negatively impact a baby’s developmental health.”


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