June 2, 2020

Custom Exempt Processing Halted at Hilty’s Custom Meats in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Agriculture’s Meat and Poultry Inspection Program has stopped custom exempt processing operations at Hilty’s Custom Meats in Bowling Green. A routine inspection on February 5, 2013 found violations relating to “selling uninspected meat products to the public.”

Warning Recall SignThis type of processing is used for livestock owners and hunters for their own consumption only. Meats processed under this exemption cannot legally be sold to the public. An investigation into the facility is ongoing and that form of processing will not be restarted until the investigation is completed and violations are corrected.

If you purchased any items at Hilty’s Custom Meats, make sure they were inspected before you eat them. You can contact the Missouri Department of Agriculture for questions and more information.

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