July 25, 2024

Bake Sale and Poker Shoot Fundraiser For GA Girl With E.coli HUS

The community of Canton, GA is rallying around the family of little girl who has been hospitalized for three weeks with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) a life-threatening condition that develops from E. coli infections.

Teddy Bear Mouring the Loss of a ChildThe community has already started a gofundme campaign for Hannah Collett who spent her seventh birthday hospitalized in critical condition. Now Armed American Ladies, a Cherokee County Women’s Gun Club, has organized a fundraising event to help her.

On May 23 form 11 to & a Big Woods Goods there will be a poker shoot and bake sale. Particpation in the poker shoot is $15.  The proceeds will got to help Hannah’s family.

The source of Hannah’s E.coli infection is not known. Food poisoning from E. coli is often associated with undercooked meat, raw fruits and vegetables, an unpasteurized juices or dairy products. Another common source E.coli infections are animal exhibits or petting zoos.

HUS, which most often affects children under 10, destroys and damages and red blood cell causing anemia, blood clots, and damage to blood vessel walls.  In addition to kidney failure, HUS can cause seizures, stroke and coma. About 15 percent of children with E. coli infections develop HUS.

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