September 25, 2018

Frozen Corn Recalled for Possible Listeria Contamination

Bonduelle USA of New York is recalling 9,335 cases of frozen corn because it may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. No illnesses have been reported to date, but listeriosis, the illness caused by this bacteria, can take up to 70 days to appear.

91 - 1The corn was sold under several brand names. You can see pictures of product labels at the FDA web site.

Wylwood Super Sweet Whole Kernel Corn is one brand. It was sold in 16 ounce (1 pound) bags with UPC number 051933002401 and Best By dates June 2017 K51564 and K51574. Market Basket Cut Corn is also recalled. It was sold in 16 ounce bags, with UPC number 049705693414, and Best By dates June 2017 K51574.

Bountiful Harvest Whole Kernel Cut Corn in 40 ounce (2.5 pound) bags is recalled. It has UPC number 822486120597, and Best By date June 2017 K51574. Finally, West Creek Frozen Vegetables Cut Corn in 2.5 pound packages is recalled. It has UPC number 00806795285239 and Best By date June 2017 K51574.

The State of Tennessee discovered the bacteria in the product. The company has ceased distribution. If you purchased this product, do not eat it. Discard in a sealed container or double bag, or return to the place of purchase for a refund. Wash your hands well with soap and water after touching the bag, and clean out your fridge and/or freezer with a mild bleach solution. Listeria monocytogenes bacteria can grow at refrigerator temperatures.

If you ate any of this product, especially if it was not reheated before eating, monitor yourself for the symptoms of Listeria monocytogenes food poisoning for the next 70 days. Those symptoms include high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Pregnant women can suffer miscarriage and stillbirth with a Listeria infection, even though their symptoms may be very mild. If you do get sick, see your doctor.

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