May 27, 2018

One Minute Miracle Recalls Dietary Supplements

The One Minute Miracle Inc. is recalling dietary supplements Miracle Diet 30 capsules and Miracle Rock 48 for undeclared drugs. No reports of illness or adverse reactions have been received to date. Both drugs were distributed via the internet nationwide.

Miracle Diet 30 contains undeclared phenolphthalein, an ingredient used in over-the-counter laxatives that was removed from the market for carcinogen concerns. Long term use of this product can also cause irregular heartbeat and serious GI disturbances.

Miracle Diet 30 capsules are marketed as a dietary supplement for weight loss. The plastic bottle has 30 capsules, with lot number 150416, and expiration date 04/15/2018.

Miracle Rock 48 has undeclared thiosildenafil, an analogue of sildenafil, a drug used for treatment of male sexual enhancement. The use of this supplement and nitrates together could cause a sudden and significant drop in blood pressure that may be life-threatening.

Miracle Rock 48 is marketed as a dietary supplement for male sexual enhancement. It is packaged in two blister packages of 2-count capsules, 4 capsules per box. The lot number is 20150602 and expiration date 06/01/2018.

The company has also chosen to withdraw these products from the marketplace to reassure its customers: all sizes and lots of Miracle Cholesterol, Miracle Night Time, Miracle Joint-Flex, Miracle Stud 72, Miracle Magic Man, Male Mint Gum, Miracle 48 Hrs, Miracle Magic Woman, Miracle Cougar, Miracle Cougar Gum, Miracle Cougar G-Spot, Miracle G-Spot, Vagina Rejuvenation, Miracle Anti-Wrinkle, Miracle Stud Delay, Miracle Male Stud Spray, Miracle Male Stud Coffee, Miracle Male Coffee, Male 10, Miracle Male Stud Sublingual, Male 72 Hr, Miracle Tongue Sublingual, Miracle Tongue and Master Blaster.

If you purchased these products, do not use them. Return to the company for a full refund. If you have experienced any problems, see your doctor and report it to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting System.

Miracle Diet Recall

Miracle Rock 48 Recall

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