June 15, 2024

Bolthouse Farms Protein Drink Recall for Spoilage

Bolthouse Farms has issued a recall for protein drinks and Mocha Cappuccino products for premature spoilage. Consumers who have purchased the products should not drink them as illnesses have been reported.

The recalled products may have a lumpy appearance, an unpleasant and an off odor. The recalled flavors of Protein Plus drinks include: chocolate, vanilla bean, coffee, coconut, strawberry, banana honey almond butter. The recalled mocha cappuccino drinks is Mocha Cappuccino Perfectly Protein.

The specific recall information for the Protein PLUS drinks is as follows: Protein PLUS Chocolate 325ml/11 oz 0-71464-01868-9; Protein PLUS Chocolate 450ml/15.2 oz 0-71464-30650-2; Protein PLUS Chocolate 946ml/32oz 0-71464-30651-9; Protein PLUS Vanilla Bean 325ml / 11 oz 0-71464-01867-2; Protein PLUS Vanilla Bean 15.2 oz 0-71464-01639-5; Protein PLUS Vanilla Bean 32 oz 0-71464-01640-1; Protein PLUS Coffee 325ml / 11 oz 0-71464-01869-6; Protein PLUS Coffee 450ml/15.2 oz 0-71464-01627-2; Protein PLUS Coffee 946ml/32oz 0-71464-01628-9; Protein PLUS Coconut 450ml/15.2 oz 0-71464-01892-4; Protein PLUS Strawberry 450ml/15.2 oz 0-71464-01890-0; Protein PLUS Strawberry 946ml/32oz 0-71464-01891-7; Protein PLUS Banana Honey Almond Butter 325ml/11 oz 0-71464-01918-1; and Protein PLUS Banana Honey Almond Butter 450ml/15.2 oz 0-71464-01893-1.

The recalled mocha drinks are: Mocha Cappuccino Perfectly Protein 450ml/15.2oz Best by: 9/2/16 0-71464-30051-7 and Mocha Cappuccino Perfectly Protein 946ml/32oz Best by: 8/2/16 and 8/3/16 0-71464-30050-0.



  1. I have just purchased bottles of Bolthouse Mocha Cappuccino. I drink it all the time but this batch tastes terrible.
    The expiry date of the recall is August 2, 2016. The expiry date on my “terrible” bottles is August 8, 2016.

    Please comment

    • Linda Larsen says

      I’d recommend returning them to the store, even though they are outside of the recall’s expiration date. You as a consumer are entitled to be satisfied with your purchases.

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