September 26, 2018

Children’s Drink Bug Juice Recalled for Metal Shavings

Bug Juice International is recalling their children’s drink after discovering that deviations that occurred in another facility could have contaminated the product with plastic or metal shavings. No reports of injury have been received in connection with the consumption of this product.

RecallThe product was produced in February 2016; 46406 cases are being recalled.  The product was distributed internationally. Production codes that end in the letter C and bottle code ending in “OBC” are on the recalled products. They include 6046C and 6046-OBC, 6047C and 6047-OBC, 6048C and 6048OBC, 6049C and 6049-OBC, 6053C and 6053-OBC, 6054C and 6054-OBC, 6055C and 6055-OBC, 6056C and 6056-OBC, 6057C and 6057-OBC, 6060C and 6060-OBC, 6061C and 6061-OBC, 6062C and 6062-OBC, 6063 and 6063-OBC, 6064C and 6064-OBC, 6067C and 6067-OBC, 6068C and 6068-OBC, 6069C and 6069-OBC, 6070C and 6070-OBC, 6071C and 6071-OBC, 6074C and 6074-OBC, 6075C and 6075-OBC, and 6076C and 6076-OBC.

If you purchased any of these items with these codes, do not drink them and do not give them to your children. Throw them away in a double bagged or sealed container or return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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