August 15, 2018

Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes and Waffles Recalled for Listeria

Pinnacle Foods is recalling all best by dates of Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes, Frozen Waffles, and Frozen French Toast Slices because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. No illnesses have been reported to date, but listeriosis can take up to 70 days to appear after infection.

You can see the long list of products, package sizes, product label photos, and UPC numbers at the FDA web site. The recall affects Aunt Jemima Lil Griddlers Blueberry, Mini Pancakes, Homestyle Waffle, Cinnamon French Toast, Oatmeal Pancake, Whole Grain Pancake, Buttermilk Pancake, Whole Grain French Toast, and Low Fat Waffle, among others. These items were distributed throughout the United States, and Aunt Jemima Pancake Mexico was distributed in Mexico.

Aunt Jemima Pancakes Listeria Recall

In addition, two items are being recalled in conjunction with the USDA because they contain meat. Aunt Jemima French Toast & Sausage in 5.5 ounce packages, and Hungry Man Select Chicken & Waffles in 16 ounce packages are being recalled. No other Aunt Jemima or Hungry Man branded products are affected by this recall.

If you purchased any of these products, do not eat them, even if you plan to cook them. Some parts of the food may not reach a temperature high enough to kill the bacteria. Throw them away in a sealed or double bagged package, or take them back to the store where you bought them for a full refund.

Clean out your refrigerator and freezer with a mild bleach solution to kill any bacteria after you have disposed of the products. Listeria monocytogenes bacteria can grow at refrigerator temperatures, and freezing doesn’t kill it. Wash your hands well with soap and water after handling these products.

If you ate any of the recalled products, watch yourself for the symptoms of listeriosis for the next 70 days, because that’s how long it can take for symptoms to appear. Symptoms of listeriosis include high fever, stiff neck, severe headache, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Pregnant women may only feel a mild illness similar to the flu, but listeriosis can cause stillbirth, premature labor, miscarriages, and infection in the newborn baby. If you do feel sick, see your doctor and tell her you ate these recalled products.

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