December 12, 2018

Oregon Food Bank Recalls Chia Seeds for Potential Rodent Dropping Contamination

Oregon Food Bank of Portland, Oregon is recalling 22,201 pounds of chia seeds that were donated to the food bank, because they may be contaminated with rodent droppings. No known illnesses are associated with this product, but the use or consumption of the seeds could present a health hazard.

The chia seeds were distributed in Oregon and Clark County, Washington through the Oregon Food Bank Network. The product is packaged in one pound plastic poly film bags with a twist-type closure or a re-sealeable pouch. All of the seeds distributed in that type of packaging between November 1, 2017 and March 9, 2018 are part of this recall.

This issue was discovered through a consumer complaint of finding foreign material in the product. The product still in inventory at Oregon Food Bank was found to contain rodent droppings. The donor of the chia seeds, Live Local Organic of Milwaukee, Oregon, “were observed to have evidence of rodent activity.” Rodent droppings can contain pathogenic bacteria, including Salmonella, and viruses, including hantavirus.

If you have this product in your home, don’t eat it, even if you plan to cook with it. Throw it away immediately in a double wrapped package and put that package in a secure garbage can with a lid. You can get more information about this recall by contacting the food pantry where you obtained the item. You can also call the Oregon Food Bank’s Facilities and Regulatory Compliance Manager Ryan Wist at 503-419-4160. lIf you have been experiencing any symptoms of foodborne illness, contact a doctor or the county health department.

Chia Seeds Recall Rodent Droppings

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