July 15, 2024

FDA Warns Consumers Against Consuming Nitrite Poppers

The FDA is warning consumers against the intentional ingestion or inhalation of nitrite poppers. Health care providers are reporting increases in deaths and hospitalizations related to the use of these items. These products contain chemical substances similar to the prescription medication, amyl nitrite, that is routinely prescribed for the relief of chest pain.

FDA Warns Consumers Against Consuming Nitrite Poppers

These poppers have not been evaluated by the FDA for safe use. They are not safe to ingest or inhale.

Poppers are packaged in small bottles and look similar to energy shot beverage products. They are sold online, in adult novelty stores, and at other locations and are marketed as air fresheners, liquid incense, deodorizers, leather cleaners, cosmetics, solvents, and nail polish removers.

Judy McMeekin, Pharm. D., Associate Commissioner for FDA Regulatory Affairs, said in a statement, “Make no mistake, ingesting or inhaling poppers seriously jeopardizes your health, These chemicals can be caustic and damage the skin or other tissues they come in contact with, cause difficulty breathing, extreme drops in blood pressure, decreases in blood oxygen levels, seizures, heart arrhythmia, coma, and death. Do not ingest or inhale under any circumstances.”

Moreover, manufacturers are packaging and labeling these products n a way that can mislead consumers into thinking they are safe or are intended to be inhaled or ingested by drinking. Some of the names of these nitrite poppers products include Rush, Jungle Juice, Locker Room, Sub-Zero, and Iron Horse.

If you think you are having a serious side effect from inhaling or ingesting these products, call 911 or immediately go to your local emergency room. You can then file a complaint with the FDA’s MedWatch Reporting Portal online.

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