September 21, 2023

Pegasus Foods Cream Cheese Rangoon Recalled For Plastic

Pegasus Foods Cream Cheese Rangoon is being recalled because it may contain foreign material in the form of plastic. This poses a choking hazard. The recall notice did not state whether the plastic was soft or hard. There is no information about any possible adverse reactions because this recall notice was posted on the FDA’s Enforcement Report page, not the regular recall page. The recalling firm is Pegasus Foods Inc. of Rockwall, Texas. The recall was initiated by the firm.

Pegasus Foods Cream Cheese Rangoon Recalled For Plastic

The recalled product is Pegasus Foods Cream Cheese Rangoon that is packaged in a 5 pound (2.26 kilogram) corrugated cardboard cases. Each contain contains five trays and 100 pieces of the product. The UPC number for this product is 10664383187016. About 38,987 cases are included in this recall. This item was shopped to retail locations in the state of California.

The product code for this item is 18701. And the Lot Codes are: 05-30-23-3A1W, 06-01-23-3B1W, 06-06-23-3A1W, 06-08-23-4A1W, 05-30-23-3B1W, 06-01-23-4A1W, 06-06-23-3B1W, 06-09-23-3B1W, 05-30-23-4A1W, 06-02-23-3A1W, 06-06-23-4A1W, 06-23-23-3A1W, 05-31-23-3A1W, 06-02-23-3B1W, 06-07-23-3A1W, 06-23-23-3B1W, 05-31-23-3B1W, 06-05-23-3A1W, 06-07-23-3B1W, 06-26-23-3A1W, 05-31-23-4A1W, 06-05-23-3B1W, 06-07-23-4A1W, 06-26-23-3B1W, 06-01-23-3A1W, 06-05-23-4A1W, 06-08-23-3B1W, and 06-26-23-4A1W. No pictures of this product were included in the recall notice.

If you purchased this product with that UPC number, product code, and one of the lot codes, do not eat it. You  can throw it away in a secure trash can with a tight fitting lid, or you can take it back to the store where you bought it for a full refund.


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