April 19, 2024

MF Meats Raw Meat Products Recalled For Foreign Material

MF Meats raw meat products are being recalled because they may be contaminated with a non-food grade foreign material in the form of mineral seal oil, which is not approved for use in meat processing. No adverse reactions have been reported to the company to date in connection with the consumption of these products. The recalling firm is MF Meats of Falconer, New York.

MF Meats Raw Meat Products Recalled For Foreign Material

About 93,277 pounds of raw meat products are included in this recall. The items were produced from November 26, 2023 through Febaruy 16, 2024. The recalled items are various weights of meat cuts and ground meat. The items have the Julian dates of 330-365 (November 26 – December 31), and 1-47 (January 1 – February 16). You can see the long list of recalled products at the USDA web site.

Some of the recalled items include Star Balltip Strip, Steak Tenderloin, Pork Chop, Sausage Pork Maple, Beef Strips Ragu Sirloin, X Lean Fine Ground Beef, Sage Pork Sausage, Ground Pork, Steak Strip Durango, Steak Strip Best Value, Steak Ribeye, and Steak Sirloin Fillet, among others.

These items can be identified by the establishment number EST. 569 that is stamped inside the USDA mark of inspection. They were shipped to restaurants in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The recall was triggered when the company received four complaints from restaurants reporting a chemical taste in the meat products. The firm found that its mineral oil supplier sent them a drum containing non-food grade mineral oil that was labeled as food grade. The oil was applied to food contact surfaces, not directly to the meat.

Restaurants are urged not to serve these products. If you have them in your fridge or freezer, throw them away or return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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