December 11, 2018

CA Right To Know Calls for Criminal Investigation on No on 37

The California Right to Know Yes on 37 campaign asked the Justice Department today to open a criminal investigation of the No on 37 campaign for possible fraudulent misuse of the official seal of the Food and Drug Administration. The No on 37 campaign put the FDA seal on one of its mailers. Proposition 37 would require corporations to label foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Food LabelThe organization is also charging that the No on 37 campaign “falsely attributed a direct quote to FDA in the campaign mailer. The quoted attribution is entirely false and fabricated. FDA did not make this statement and does not take a position on Prop 37.”

In addition, the CA Right to Know campaign says that the No on 37 campaign has “repeatedly misrepresented the university affiliation of their lead spokesperson, Dr. Miller, in campaign ads, in violation of Stanford University policy.” A No on 37 television ad falsely identified Miller, a researcher at the Hoover Institution as “M.D., Stanford.” ¬†Miller, according to the Yes on 37 campaign, has “fringe views on tobacco, climate change, nuclear radiation and DDT.” Dr. Miller founded a group that tried to discredit the links between cigarettes and cancer and has called for the reintroduction of DDT.

Also, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics accused the No on 37 campaign of “misrepresenting its position and misleading voters with false statements in the official California Voter’s Guide.”¬†Academy President Ethan Bergman said, “we are concerned that California voters are being misled. Voters need accurate information in order to make an informed choice. In addition to being untruthful, the statement attributed to the Academy may give voters a false impression of registered dietitians and the Academy. Our members are the nation’s trusted and credible source of food and nutrition information.” The Academy does not have a position on GMO or GE foods.

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