July 11, 2020

Eggs Recalled in Germany for Dioxin Contamination

More than 250,000 eggs are being recalled in the Lower Saxony area of Germany after testing found excessive levels of dioxin. Contaminated feed may be the source of the chemical.

Product details:

  • Manufacturer: 0-0356091-DE
  • Expiration date: 14/06/2012
  • Stamp number: 0-0356091-EN

Dioxins are environmental pollutants. They accumulate in animal fat over time. The chemicals belong to the “dirty dozen”, which is a group of chemicals known as “persistent organic pollutants”. Dioxins are by-products of manufacturing processes such as the bleaching of paper, smelting, and the production of pesticides and herbicides.

EggsLong-term exposure to dioxin can cause harm to the immune system, the developing nervous system in infants and children, and reproductive organs. The recall notice claims that there is “no immediate health risk” because dioxin is harmful only when consumed for long periods of time.

After a dioxin scandal in January 2011 in Germany, authorities put more controls in place to discover the chemical in foods.

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