September 30, 2023

McOutbreak: Salmonella Cases Linked To Illinois McDonald’s

A cluster of Salmonella cases have been linked to a variety of restaurants in Bloomington, Ill. including a McDonald’s franchise, according to the McLean County Health Department. County and state officials are investigating a “small number” of cases of salmonellosis in people who reported eating at restaurants in central Illinois from October  18 through November 11.

Salmonella“The McDonalds on South Main Street in Bloomington was found to have a suspected connection to the salmonella cases,” the county health department said in a statement. The franchise owners have voluntarily closed the restaurant while the investigation takes place.  “No substantial information was discovered to connect the establishment with the cluster of illnesses until over the holiday weekend. It is still early in the investigation; however, the suspected link does not seem to be a certain food, but rather human transmission.” Restaurant  employees are being tested for Salmonella before they can return to work.

Health officials are not releasing any information about the outbreak except for the onset of illness dates. “Because of the low number of cases at this point in time, case numbers and personal information cannot be released,” the statement read.

Symptoms of salmonellosis include fever, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. The specific strain associated with this outbreak, Salmonella Stanley—sometimes produces bloody diarrhea. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should contact a  healthcare provider. Those most at risk are children, seniors, pregnant women and others with  compromised immune systems.

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