May 26, 2024

Study Links Trans Fat Consumption and Aggression

A new study from a collaborative effort by several University of California Departments of Medicine has found that trans fat consumption is significantly linked to behavioral irritability and aggression.

Trans fats are an artificial fat that used to be added to many foods. In fact, food companies used so much of it, because it was cheap and worked well, that 7% of the calories Americans consumed came from trans fat.

Food Poisoning Bulletin has reported before on the link between trans fat consumption and ischemic stroke risk in women and the link between trans fat consumption and other diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

This new study looked at 945 adult men and women who completed a dietary survey and underwent behavioral assessments. The scales used were the Overt Aggression Scale Modified-aggression subscale, Life History of Aggression, Conflict Tactics Scale, and self-rated impatience and irritability.

Known factors for aggression, including smoking, alcohol use, and education level, were taken into account.

The study authors note that “while confounding is always a concern in observational studies, factors including strength and consistency of association, biological gradient, temporality, and biological plausibility add weight to the prospect of a causal connection.”

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