July 3, 2022

Web Ad for 5-hour Energy Pulled

The web ad for 5-hour Energy drink has, at least for now, stopped running a web ad criticized by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). Last week Food Poisoning Bulletin told you about the ad, which showed CSPI Executive Director Michael F. Jacobson saying it’s difficult to die from caffeine because “Someone would really have to make an effort to consume 40 or so 200-mg caffeine tablets.” CSPI says the use of that quote is deceptive, giving the false impression that Jacobson or CSPI endorsed the product.

5-Hour EnergyIn addition, high caffeine levels in 5-hour Energy and other caffeinated drinks can cause many other health issues, including anxiety and insomnia. The product has been associated with convulsions and heart attacks. In fact, 5-hour Energy is under investigation by the FDA for a possible role in 13 deaths nationwide.

CSPI is telling consumers to avoid the product. Jacobson said in a statement, “People have been drinking coffee and tea for millennia. People have been consuming 5-hour Energy only since 2004. Considering that the FDA is investigating reports of heart attacks, convulsions, and deaths associated with the product, we recommend people not consume 5-hour Energy until the FDA gets to the bottom of the problems.”

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