December 8, 2022

Chobani Problems May Be Caused by Mold

The FDA is now looking into the Chobani yogurt recall. Chobani pulled its product from store shelves after consumers reported bad tasting yogurt and containers that were bloated and hissing. Others have said the yogurt is more watery than usual. The recalled products have a code of 16-012 and expiration dates from September 9 to October 7, 2013.

Chobani-yogurtMold is a food safety issue when on any product where it’s not intended, such as blue cheese. Soft products such as yogurt must be discarded when mold is present.¬†According to several news outlets, some people have reportedly become sick after eating the yogurt. Those people have posted on Chobani’s Facebook page. More than 500 comments on that page began on August 31 and continue through today.

A search of the FDA’s web site has revealed nothing about this issue. Chobani says that if the yogurt you buy has any problems, or if you purchased product with the above code and expiration dates, discard it and contact them for a replacement coupon. If you or anyone you know has experienced the symptoms of food poisoning after eating a Chobani product, contact your health care provider. We’ll update this story as more information is released.


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