August 14, 2022

Chobani Pulls Yogurt for Quality Issue

Chobani has pulled its yogurt from some stores for a quality issue, the maker of Greek style yogurt said in a post of its Facebook page.  The removal of certain yogurts was not because of a food safety issue.

Chobani-yogurtChobani Inc. is based in Norwich, NY. It  makes greek style yogurt in a variety of flavors and packages including fruit-on-the-bottom cups, blended cups, flips, tubes and multi-packs.

“We are committed to crafting the best-tasting, highest-quality yogurt made with only natural ingredients, and listening to our fans along the way, ” the Facebook post states. “Upon hearing of isolated quality concerns surrounding certain cups, we thoroughly investigated and were able to determine an issue of quality, not food safety.  We are working with our retail partners to voluntarily and proactively remove and replace cups where there have been reports that don’t meet our very rigid quality standards. Our team is working ’round the clock to send our fans fresh replacements.”

Some customers have reported tubs that look swollen or have an off-taste. A recall has not been issued. Customers who have concerns are encouraged to contact the company.


  1. I wanted to note that Chobani has updated their blog post. If you can make it to their site which is currently flooded with traffic , they have removed the line about “an issue of quality, not food safety” and listed the actual dates and affected Plant. Is the removal of this line a quiet way of admitting that it is a food safety issue?

    They have determined this to be caused by mold! I don’t trust that any of their product is safe, even the products after the bad dates.

    16-012 , Sept 11 to October 7 HOWEVER there are reports on their Facebook page (if they haven’t deleted them) about bad product after October 7th Expiration.

  2. nancy burleson says

    please post more specific info about concerns. date? flavors? I just purchased several vanilla cups.

  3. I used to eat Chobani plain yogurt, but then it started having a nasty taste. Not tart like yogurt should be, but a bitter putrid taste. And when I put fruit or other flavors in it, the whole thing tasted awful. I didn’t notice a bloated package, but did get a few cups that were very watery and were thrown away. Even my dog refused to eat it. I switched to Stonyfield greek yogurt, and it is much better taste and quality. I won’t be going back to eating Chobani again.

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