July 29, 2021

Chu Minh Tofu Company License Revoked

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has revoked the license of Chu Minh Corporation, which makes tofu and other soy products. Several inspections found sanitation problems at the facility. A civil penalty of $17,800 has been assessed against the company. All of the companies products are to be destroyed.

GavelNotices about the revocation have been sent to retail outlets and restaurants that carry Chu Minh products. The company can no longer process any food at their facility. They have 10 days to appeal and request reconsideration of the order.

WSDA inspectors “consistently found problems with unsanitary conditions, poor sanitation practices by employees, pest infestations and a general failure to protect food products from contamination,” according to a statement. An inspection on March 6, 2013 found many of the same problems as previously noted, so the government shut the facility down.

Chu Minh Corporation has had its license suspended two times in the past. In those cases, the company signed settlement agreements in which they said they would meet food processing requirements. But, the government said, “the continued violations of food processing standards and the failure to fully pay earlier fines associated with previous violations led to the decision to revoke Chu Minh’s food processing license.”

If you have purchased any Chu Minh products, dispose of them immediately. For questions and more information, contact WSDA’s Food Safety and Consumer Services Division at 1-800-843-7890.


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