July 14, 2024

FDA Updates Investigation of Hepatitis A Outbreak Associated with Townsend Farms Berries

The FDA has updated its investigation into the outbreak of Hepatitis A associated with Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend Frozen Berries. The product was recalled on June 3, 2013. No other Townsend Farms products, either frozen or fresh, are covered by this recall or linked to the illness outbreak at this time.

Townsend-Farms-Organic-Antioxidant-Blend-ftThe product was sold at Costco warehouse stores in 3 pound bags with UPC number 0 78414 404448. The best by dates on the recalled products are from T012415 sequentially through T053115, followed by a letter. All letter designations are included in the recall. The same product was sold at Harris Teeter stores from April 19 until May 7, 2013, under the name Harris Teeter Organic Antioxidant Blend. It was packaged in 10 ounce bags with UPC number 0 72036 70463 4. Lot codes are T041613E or T041613C and a “best by” code of 101614.

If you ate or handled this product, contact your health care provider about a vaccination against the virus. Hepatitis A vacccine is administered to some patients; others will receive immune globulin. Government agencies are still investigating this outbreak to see if it was sold at other venues or under other brand names.

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