October 3, 2022

Sequestration Could Jeopardize Clean Water

Food & Water Watch has released a statement commenting on the sequestration battle in Washington. Food Poisoning Bulletin has already told you about the effects those mandatory budget cuts may have on food safety by cutting the hours of USDA inspectors. Sequestration will also affect the State Revolving Funds, which supports communities’ drinking and wastewater systems. Those municipal water supplies are already underfunded by $30 billion a year.

Water in SinkExecutive Director Wenonah Hauter said, “while it is outrageous enough that Congress would have the audacity to play chicken with some of our most essential resources, the consequences of inadequate funding for our essential drinking and wastewater systems would be nothing short of tragic. Perhaps the policymakers currently locking political horns over the federal budget would be quicker to avert the sequestration if they anticipated the water main breaks, tainted drinking water and sewage overflows that could afflict communities when austerity measures hit.”

She adds that water is an essential resource. Food & Water Watch calls for a consistent source of federal funding for community water systems so all Americans have reliable access to safe, clean, affordable water.

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