February 27, 2024

Attorney Investigating Listeria Outbreak Linked to Caramel Apples

Attorney Fred Pritzker and his Bad Bug Law Team® are investigating the Listeria outbreak linked to caramel apples that has so far has sickened 28 people in 10 states: Arizona (4), California (1), Minnesota (4), Missouri (5), New Mexico (5), North Carolina (1), Texas (4), Utah (1), Washington (1), and Wisconsin (2).

Caramel Apples Delux“At this stage of the investigation, it is absolutely essential to know the chain of distribution for this product,” said attorney Pritzker. “We need to find out where these products were processed and sold and the point along the chain of distribution where the contamination occurred. Without this information, it will be impossible to trace back all of the case patients to the source of the Listeria.

It is for this reason that Pritzker is calling on the processors and distributors of Carnival Brand and Kitchen Cravings brand caramel apples to immediately disclose the source of the ingredients used to make the caramel apples and the results of any environmental or product testing if positive for this deadly pathogen. He is also calling for the to immediately identify all retail establishments at which these products were sold.

Listeriosis is one of the deadliest foodborne illnesses. Each year in the United States, approximately 2000 people are diagnosed with it, according to the CDC. Up to 85 percent of victims require hospitalization and in some outbreaks, 25% of the victims die. Listeria is unique because of incubation period (the period between food consumption and symptom manifestation) can be as long as 70 days.

According to Pritzker, “This lengthy period makes it much more difficult for people to remember what products they ate and when they ate them. Most people cannot remember what they had for lunch three days ago, much less what they may have had a bite of two months ago. That’s why understanding the chain of distribution – important in any foodborne illness outbreak – is all the more important in a Listeria outbreak.”

About Pritzker Hageman Law Firm

Pritzker Hageman, P.A. has represented people in every major Listeria outbreak during the past 15 years and has obtained some of the largest foodborne illness recoveries on their behalf, many in excess of $1 million. The firm has already been contacted by a number of victims from this caramel apple outbreak. Fred Pritzker can be contacted at 1-888-377-8900. He and his team represent clients in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits throughout the United States. His offices are located at 45 South Seventh Street, Suite 2950, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

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