July 24, 2024

E. coli In Yuba City Elementary School Well Does Not Cancel Classes

School administrators at Barry Elementary School in Yuba City, California notified parents that E.coli had been detected in the school’s well but that classes would continue. The well has been shut off, ┬áportable hand washing stations and bottled water have been brought into the school, and all meals are being prepared offsite. But the toilets will still be used.

E coli bacteriaUnder the circumstances, not all parents were comfortable with the idea of sending their kids to school. Kari Bush told CBS13 that, knowing the risk that E.coli poses for small children, she was uncomfortable with the idea of sending her three kids to school.

E.coli can cause serious sometimes fatal illness. Young children are at elevated risk for E. coli poisoning and the serious complications that it can trigger such as hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

Officials say they don’t know how the well became contaminated. The school is considering a new water treatment system.



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