July 15, 2024

E. coli Takes Life of Washington Girl, 3

A 3-year-old Washington girl has died from an E. coli infection.  Brooklyn Hoksbergen was admitted to Children’s Hospital Wednesday and passed away on Friday.

Teddy Bear Mouring the Loss of a ChildHer family does not know how she contracted the infection.  Health authorities are investigating. At this point, they do not think Brooklyn’s death is related to two other E. coli cases on the Oregon coast.

Brad Sutton, 5, and his friend Serena Profitt, 4, spent Labor Day weekend together and became ill a few days later.  Brad is on dialysis at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. Serena died Monday at  Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

E.coli is transmitted when contaminated food or water is ingested, or through contact with farm animals. Children under 10 are at special risk for E.coli infections because their immune systems are not fully developed.

Brooklyn, who was just starting preschool,  was the youngest of four daughters. Her funeral is tomorrow.


  1. I’m truly sorry for your loss, I have a granddaughter that is 5 and I would be lost without her. I do believer that both hospital and restaurant should pay and if Oregon Health was knowledgeable them too. This is a sad that a young life is gone and another child in the hospital that of been avoided. Just because of bad food and not proper care given, Where is the right in all this. You love and do your best to keep children safe. Then another don’t care and ends with leaving heart”s empty. Again I so sorry for your loss. jeanann

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