October 24, 2021

Food Poisoning Investigated in Malaysia MH370 Disappearance

Food poisoning is being investigated as one possible answer to the mystery of the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 Boeing 777 jumbo jet. According to Illawarra Mercury, Malaysian police officer Khalid Abu Baker said the plane’s food caterers are being investigated, as is every possible angle. The plane most likely crashed into the Indian Ocean.

Food Poisoning TorsoThe investigators are looking at everything from where the food came from, who harvested it, where it was packed and prepared and who shipped it. These traceback investigations can take weeks or months to complete. Investigators want to rule out sabotage, and deliberately poisoning the food is one possible method.

It is highly unlikely that a simple case of food poisoning caused by bacteria or viruses would be responsible for an accident, since incubation periods are at least 12 hours and not everyone gets sick from contaminated food. Investigators are most likely looking at deliberate contamination with a poisonous substance. All of the 227 passengers on board have been cleared, but police and investigators are still looking at the crew and their family members.

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