October 21, 2021

Hawaii Bakery Fined $20,000 for Violations of Food Safety Rules

The Hawaii State Department of Health has reached an agreement with Kanemitsu Bakery for $20,000 over violations of rules designed to protect public health and prevent adulterated food products from being sold under poor sanitary conditions. The bakery is located in Kaunakakai on the island of Molokai.

GavelsThe bakery’s food establishment permit was suspended in April 2012 for many health code violations and for not complying with DOH orders to stop all sales of products. An inspection on June 20, 2012 revealed serious deficiencies in the “maintenance and manufacturing practices conducted at the facility,” according to the report. The bakery remained closed until mid-November 2012 after failing many health inspections.

Gary Gill, DOH deputy director of Environmental health said in a statement, “we expect that Kanemitsu Bakery will comply with all food safety rules and regulations. It is both a legal requirement and a moral responsibility to ensure that food sold to the public is safe, wholesome and uncontaminated.”

The inspection in June 2012 found visual sighting of rodents, no water available at the rinse compartment of the sink, unclean food preparation surfaces, no soap and hand towels at the hand washing sinks, and general unsanitary conditions. The DOH had been alerted to problems at the bakery by an anonymous public complaint alleging that insects and foreign substances were found in bread rolls purchased from the bakery.


  1. David Gustave says

    Hello how do you report restaurants I know one so so bad that there are roaches n food needing to be took out be for put out thanks.

    • Linda Larsen says

      Go to the web site of the Department of Health in your city or state and look there. Most have some type of form to fill out or number you can call to report a problem with a restaurant.

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