July 14, 2024

Kraft American Singles Recalled

Kraft-singles-recallKraft Foods Group is  recalling 7,691 cases of select varieties of regular Kraft American Singles Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product.  The products are being recalled because a supplier did not store an ingredient used to make the product at the proper temperature. No illnesses have been reported in connection with this recall.

The recalled products were sold n 12 oz. 16 oz and 64 oz sizes with “Best When Used By” dates of February 20, 2015, and February 21, 2015. They recalled products were produced at Kraft’s Springfield, MO manufacturing facility and distributed nationwide.

Recalled products include: 12 oz Kraft American Singles sold in 16 slice packages with “best by” dates FEB 2015 and 21 FEB 2015 and UPC 0 21000 60464 7; 16 oz Kraft American Singles sold in 24 slice packages with “best by” date 20 FEB 2015 and UPC 0 21000 61526 1; 16 oz Kraft American Singles sold in 24 slice packages with “best by” date 20 FEB 2015 and UPC 0 21000 61526 1; and 64 oz (4 lb) Kraft American Singles (4×24 slice) with “best by” date 20 FEB 2015 and UPC 0 21000 63360 9.


  1. What are the symptoms of the bad cheese? I ate cheese Saturday morning and by that night I was extremely ill. I had phenegrine so I took that and pepto. The next day I tried to eat a sandwich with the same package of cheese. Both times I said something really tastes funny and I wasn’t able to eat the sandwich..2 bites. I just bought the cheese. Yet again later I was extremely I’ll again. This is the 4th day..2 days since I have eaten any cheese and I am still not able to eat and my stomach is killing me. Unlike a virus. I have zero energy. And I’m still sick. I have been around several people and my son has even drank after me and nobody else is sick but me. I am the only one who ate the cheese.

    • Linda Larsen says

      A supplier did not store an ingredient at the correct temperature, which means bacteria could grow in that product. The symptoms of illness connected with this recalled product would be stomach and abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and perhaps a fever. Please see your doctor and tell her about your symptoms and the recalled product that you ate.

  2. You say there have been no reported illnesses from this recall, well here you go. My husband ate cheese slices last week and all week after this and into the weekend he suffered from severe gas and the feeling of needing to have a movement but with only gas resulted. My niece suffered from pains, slight fever, nausea, dehydration to the point Drs checked her appendix, when comparing notes both had ate Kraft cheese slices and we still have the package which is in the recall. So people have probably thought it was a flu bug or something they ate other than the cheese.

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