October 24, 2021

Patrons at Teavana in Indianapolis Exposed to Hepatitis A

The Marion County Public Health Department issued an alert yesterday, warning patrons of Teavana, a store at The Fashion Mall at the Keystone shopping center in Indianapolis, that they may have been exposed to hepatitis A. Anyone who visited the store on April 5, 12, or 19 may have been exposed.

Hepatitis A shot CDCUnfortunately, customers who were there on April 5 and 12 are beyond the time limit for getting a vaccination, so those people must monitor themselves for the symptoms of hepatitis A. Those symptoms include nausea, vomiting, yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice), abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and fever. If you experience these symptoms, please see a health care provider.

Customers who ate at Teavana on April 19 can get a hepatitis A or immune globulin vaccination. If you have had hepatitis A or the vaccination you are already protected. The restaurant is working with the Health Department and disinfecting the store.

The Marion County Public Health Department is offering free vaccinations for anyone who visited the store and drank tea on April 19, 2014. Call the department at 317-221-2122 for clinic hours and locations.

Hepatitis A is caused by a virus that inflames the liver. It is very contagious and can be spread by direct contact or food or drink that has been prepared or touched by someone with the illness. Some people can have the virus but still not show symptoms. Symptoms usually appear 15 to 50 days after exposure. The illness usually lasts one or two weeks, but some people can be ill for months. If the liver is affected, the patient often must be hospitalized.


  1. I was there on the 5th, is there a specific tea because I had about 4 sample and had them brew a cup for me, and purchased some. Not a very happy camper about this

    • Linda Larsen says

      No information about specific teas. In fact, the release didn’t say if it was a food handler or a cook who was sick. That’s usually the case. If you drank tea there, you may have been exposed. Monitor yourself for the symptoms of Hepatitis A. And I’m sorry you have to go through this.

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