July 14, 2020

Crown Confectionary Corn Bba Recalled for Undeclared Milk

T. Up Trading of New Jersey is recalling a Korean snack called Corn Bba because it may contain undeclared milk. People who are allergic to milk could have a serious reaction if they eat this product. One illness has been reported in connection with the consumption of this product.

MilkThe recalled product is Crown Confectionary was sold in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts to selected Korean retail stores. The product has a net weight of 72 grams and is packed in polypropylene. It has a flavor of banana with banana cream frosting. It was manufactured on 11/28/2014 and 12/1/2014. It has the UPC numberĀ 8801111910743 and expiration dates of 5/27/2015 and 5/31/2015. The product is like a cheese puff, but shaped like bananas. It is striped with banana frosting.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction include tingling of the lips and mouth, wheezing and coughing, heart palpitations, skin redness, hives, and itching, nasal congestion, abdominal pain, swelling of the threat, lips, and tongue, and can cause drops in blood pressure, paleness, and fainting. Serious anaphylactic shock is life-threatening.

If you purchased this product and are allergic to milk, do not eat it. Discard or return to the place of purchase for a refund.


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