February 27, 2024

Boston’s Fan Fan Restaurant Closed by Board of Health

Boston’s Fan Fan Restaurant has been closed by the Board of Health for food safety violations. Eight of the twenty-seven cited violations are considered risky for critical foodborne illness. And two of the violations are considered critical.

Closed SignThe critical violations included cooling food at room temperatures, holding chicken patties at 129°F, when the minimum hot holding temperature is 140°F, storing eggs above 41°F, and lack of pressure at the kitchen hand sink for hot and cold water. Other critical violations include inaccessible hand sink in cooking kitchen, and storing equipment in the hand sink during inspection. Finally, cans of Raid, a bug spray, were found in the food prep areas, and there was no allergen certificate.

Critical violations included exterior grounds around the sewer cover have buildup. Rotor rooter was called out due to a sewer backup at the restroom that is closed to the public. In addition, mice droppings were noted and the restaurant must supply an extermination report. Screens were not installed on all outer openings.

Non critical violations included open bulk bags, non covered food, no hair restraints on employees, non food grade trash bags used, scored cutting boards that need to be replaced, and defective door gaskets and missing compressor covers. Wiping cloths were not stored in a sanitizer solution, there were leaky waste lines, a loose restroom sink and a clogged sink at the warewashing area. Finally, floors, walls and ceilings were not properly maintained, with loose floor tiles, shaky subflooring, and grease covered walls. There were dead insects in light fixture panels and exposed electrical wires in the kitchen, with missing ceiling tiles.

Earlier inspections in February 2016 and in August 2015 uncovered violations that required a re-inspection. Those violations including finding a cockroach by the hand sink and around the refrigerator, along with broken floor, wall, and ceiling tiles.

The restaurant was closed on April 21, 2016. There is no word on whether the restaurant will be reopening soon.

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