April 25, 2018

HEB Baby Food Recalled for Foreign Material

H-E-B is recalling its entire H-E-B Baby Food 2 pack 4 ounce cups product line. A consumer reported finding a small piece of rubber in a single container of one variety of the product. No reports of injury or illness has been associated with this issue.

The precautionary recall affects all lots of only HEB Baby Food 2 pack 4 ounce cups. All are HEB Baby brand. This recall includes Baby Banana Passion Fruit with UPC number 4122081488, Banana Pineapple Mngo with UPC number 4122084761, Green Beans with UPC number 4122005670, Banana Apple with UPC number 4122000208, Green Beans Corn with UPC number 4122005671, and Banana with UPC number 4122083207. Also recalled is Sqsh Swt Corn Tomato with UPC number 4122066357, Pear Carrot Blueberry with UPC number 4122005673, Peas Carrots with UPC number 4122005685, Veg Chkpea Mix with UPC number 4122005668, Banana Carrot Mango with UPC number 4122025540, and Apl Crrt Pmpkn Zcchni with UPC number 4122054253. Also recalled is Swt Pot Pmpkn Zcchni with UPC number 4122066026, Peas with UPC number 4122005684, Apple with UPC number 4122081487, Pear Pineapple Zcchni with UPC number 4122018455, Pear Peas Zucchini with UPC number 4122079172, and Sweet Potato with UPC number 4122005686.

If you purchased any of these products do not feed them to your child. Throw them away or take them back to the store where you bought them for a full refund.

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