May 25, 2018

MFA Recalls Rabbit Feed for Excessive Sodium

MFA Incorporated is recalling bagged and bulk MFA 16% and 17% rabbit feed because three lots tested high for salt. Consumer complaints to the company stated that animals were sick and some died. Symptoms of excess salt intake in rabbits include depressed feed intake, weakness, and increased thirst.

Recall WarningThe product was distributed to MFA retail stores in southwest Missori. Three lot numbers tested positive for excess salt: lots #214865, #216032 and #217178. Lot numbers appear on the feed tag attached to the bags. MFA is recalling those lot numbers in addition to lot #213802 of bagged MFA 16% rabbit pellets and MFA 17% rabbit pellets lots #213877, #216427 and #217549.

If you have any packages of rabbit pellets with any of the above numbers, do not feed them to your animals. Return them to the store for credit or replacement.

MFA is also recalling bulk rabbit feed delivered from January 15, 2016 up to March 1, 2016. The bulk feed lot numbers recalled are 213207, 213898, 214890, 217243, 218665 and 218666. MFA will follow up with customers who purchased the feed. Any person who has already fed these products should make sure the rabbits have ready access to water to flush the salt through their systems.

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