July 20, 2018

Southeastern Mills Recalls Mixes for Possible Salmonella

Southeastern Mills is recalling some of their ingredients and mixes because they contain milk or buttermilk powder from Valley Milk Products that may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. No illnesses have been reported to date. Some of the ingredients were sold to other manufacturers and processed into finished foods.

The recalled products are Southeastern Mills Biscuit Gravy Mix in 4.5 ounce packages with UPC number 0-70292-15326-5 and best by dates 6/10/17, 7/12/17, and 5/17/17. Also recalled is Southeastern Mills Country Biscuit Mix in 6 ounce containers, with UPC number 0-70292-15157-5 and best by dates 9/28/17 and 8/9/17. Southeastern Mills Biscuit Gravy Mix in 2.75 ounce packages is recalled, with UPC number 0-70292-16154-3 and best by date 5/19/17.

Southeastern Mills Buttermilk Drop Biscuit Mix in 7.4 ounce packages is also recalled, with UPC number 0-70292-18356-9 and best by date 8/16/17. Southeastern Mills Easy Drop Cheddar Garlic Biscuit Mix in 7 ounce packages with UPC number 0-70292-17840-4 and best by dates 10/11/17, 8/23/17, 8/30/17, 8/8/17, 7/26/17, 8/12/17, and 9/2/17 is recalled. Shore Lunch Original Recipe Breading Mix in 9 ounce packages is recalled, with UPC number 0-24739-11000-7 and best by dates 1/27/18/, 2/3/18, 12/27/17, 2/22/18, 1/13/18, 1/20/18, 4/18/18, and 1/19/18. Finally Shore Lunch Cajun Style Breading Mix in 9 ounce packages is recalled, with UPC number 0-24739-15000-3 and best by dates 1/28/18, 12/15/17, 1/22/18, and 12/20/17.

If you purchased any of these products, do not use them. Throw them away in a doubled bagged container or take them back to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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