September 28, 2022

Vibrio Outbreak at Salted Sea Restaurant in Seattle, WA

A vibrio outbreak at Salted Sea, ate 4915 Rainier Avenue in Seattle Washington has sickened at least three people, according to King County Public Health. Patients got sick after consuming raw oysters at that location.

Oysters on Plate

Two people from one dinner party got sick on June 9, 2017. Another person from a separate party got sick after eating raw oysters at that facility on June 17, 2017. Public Health was informed about the outbreak on June 22, 2017. One person has a laboratory confirmed vibrio infection, and two others have the same symptoms.

An on-site investigation was conducted at the restaurant by environmental health inspectors. No factors were identified that would have caused the outbreak. Cross-contamination and insufficient refrigerator temperatures could have contributed to the outbreak, but were not found.

The oysters served at the meals were harvested from multiple growing areas and bays in Washington state. Officials were not able to pinpoint the specific growing area, so no closures or recalls were issued after this outbreak.

The symptoms of a vibrio infection include diarrhea which may be watery or bloody, abdominal cramps, fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting. Symptoms usually begin within 24 hours after exposure to the pathogenic bacteria. The illness usually lasts a few days to a week. Most people recover without medical treatment, but some must be hospitalized because of dehydration or other problems. There is no word on whether or not anyone in this outbreak has been hospitalized.

Vibro parahaemolyticus is a bacteria that occur naturally in marine waters. People who eat undercooked and raw shellfish, especially oysters, are ate risk for getting sick with this infection. Vibrio bacteria multiply during the warm summer months. Vibrio levels in shellfish increase during the summer, and in fact, most cases in this country occur between the months of May and October.

To prevent this infection, always cook shellfish and other seafood thoroughly before you eat them. Wash cutting boards and counters that are used for shellfish preparation right afterwards to avoid cross contamination. Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling raw shellfish. Keep raw shellfish stored separately from foods that are to be eaten raw in the refrigerator. And stay out of salt water if you have wounds on your skin, since this bacteria can cause a skin infection that may be serious.

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