September 27, 2020

Budget Saver Ice Pops Recalled for Possible Listeria Contamination

Ziegenfelder Company of West Virginia is recalling about 3,000 cases of Budget Saver Cherry Popsicle Monster Pops and Sugar Free Twin Pops for possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. No illnesses have been reported to the company or the government to date in connection with this recall.

These products were distributed to grocers and distributors in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. The ice pops were sold from April 5 through April 19, 2018.

The Budget Saver pops are sold 12 to a package under the brand names Budget $aver Cherry Pineapple Monster Pops and Sugar Free Twin Pops. The Cherry Pineapple Monster Pops have the UPC number  0-74534-84200-9, and have lot codes D09418A through D10018B. The Sugar Free Pops have the UPC number  0-74534-75642-9, and have lot codes D09318A through D10018B.

A routine state inspection of the company’s Denver facility found Listeria monocytogenes in the environment. Production and distribution have stopped while the company investigates.

If you purchased these products, do not eat them. There is zero tolerance for Listeria monocytogenes bacteria in ready-to-eat foods. Throw the pops away in a double bag in a secure garbage can, or take them back to the place of purchase for a refund.

Then clean out your freezer with a mild bleach solution to kill any bacteria. Wipe down any products that touched the ice pops with the bleach too. Wash your hands well with soap and water after handling these products.

If you ate these ice pops, watch yourself for the symptoms of listeriosis for the next 70 days. That’s how long it can take for this illness to appear. Symptoms include stiff neck, high fever, severe headache, muscle stiffness, nausea, and diarrhea. Pregnant women may only feel as if they have the flu, but this illness can cause premature labor, stillbirth, and miscarriage. See your doctor if you start to feel sick.

Budget Saver Ice Pops Listeria Recall


  1. KATHY GINN says

    Last night I emailed the company about a concern I had. I actually received a phone today, on a Saturday. The easiest way to find the lot code is to empty the bag and place a piece of white paper inside the bag. This will help to identify the lot code. I was very impressed a company representative contacted me on a Saturday. The young lady was very polite, concerned and helpful. Good luck everyone

  2. The upc code is far less significant than the lot code… the upc is the universal product code that indicates what the product is. If you have these products from 6 months ago, it is the same upc on a package from today.. what is important is the lot code. The number that pertains to the specific batches made and distributed during the time frame listed. The real question is where is the lot code on the package?

    • Linda Larsen says

      You’re right. On the FDA recall notice, they give pictures of the front and back of the product packages. But the pictures are poor quality and it’s impossible to see the codes. You’d have to look really closely to find it. Still, given the seriousness of the pathogenicity of this type of bacteria, if you had any pops with that UPC number, I would toss them. These pops aren’t a critical part of the diet, and there’s no point in taking a chance.

  3. Are the lemon lime flavors on recall or just the cherry

  4. Jayne De La Rosa says

    We have Budget Saver Sugar Free Twin with matching UPC numbers. I live in Wisconsin. We bought them at Walmart in the time frame that was listed. Would our be safe or not?

  5. I have the regular twin pops
    Are these on the list?
    I don’t see them.

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