May 29, 2024

Mislabeled Ice Bar Products and “Fruit” Cups Recalled for Undeclared Allergens

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) reports that two products, ice bar products and fresh fruit, have just been recalled because they may contain milk and / or egg allergens which were not declared on the product packaging. Consuming these mislabeled products may pose serious health risks to people who are allergic to the ingredients they contain.

San Francisco-based California Popsicle, Inc. (dba Polly Ann Ice Cream) has announced a recall of multiple ice bar products after a customer in Canada reported suffering an allergic reaction. The ice bars, distributed to retail customers in California, New York, and Canada between 08/03/2017 and 08/31/2017, may contain milk. These products may have subsequently been distributed by their initial buyers to Chinese markets throughout the United States.

The ice bar products affected by this recall are: “Polly Ann Mango Ice Bar” (UPC code: #7-00730-28866-1), “Polly Ann Red Bean Ice Bar” (UPC code: #7-00730-26868-7), and “Polly Ann Green Bean Ice Bar” (UPC code: #7-00730-26666-9). Packaged in four-count cardboard boxes, these products are stamped with expiration dates ranging from 07/01/2018 through 07/31/2018.

Polly Ann Ice Bar Recall

In a second, unrelated alert, 166 cases of products mislabeled as “Fresh Fruit: Honeydew, Cantaloupe, & Red Grapes” have been recalled by Condies Foods, based in Kearns, Utah. The mislabeled 6.5-ounce cups actually contain a broccoli, celery, carrot, and ranch dip combination that contains both the milk and egg allergens – ingredients not mentioned on the label.

The cups are stamped with the inaccurate UPC code #50777222655 and a “Use Thru” date of 01/05/2018. They were distributed through Coremark Distribution centers to stores in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. No illnesses have been reported so far in association with this product.

Individuals with allergies who have purchased either of these products should not consume them. Instead, the items need to be returned to their place of purchase or else thrown away.

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