August 9, 2022

Charlie Horse Restaurant Worker Diagnosed With Hepatitis A

A food worker at the Charlie Horse Restaurant and Lounge has been diagnosed with hepatitis A, according to the Marion County Health Department. The restaurant is located at 2426 East Silver Springs Boulevard in Ocala, Florida. That person worked from July 18 to August 1, 2019, and may have been infectious.

Charlie Horse Restaurant Worker Diagnosed With Hepatitis A

People who were at the Charlie Horse Restaurant at any time during that period can call 352-644-2633 to reach the DOH-Marion County Epidemiology staff to ask questions. Officials are asking that healthcare providers and hospital emergency departments stay on alert to immediately report cases of hepatitis A and to identify people who. would benefit from vaccinations.

The hepatitis A and immune globulin vaccinations are only effective if given within two weeks of exposure. That means that anyone who ate there after July 24, 2019 is no longer eligible for a shot. All those people can do is monitor their health for symptoms of the illness and see a doctor if they do appear.

Symptoms of hepatitis A typically appear 15 to 50 days after exposure to the virus. They include a fever, abdominal pain, lethargy, loss of appetite, weight loss, dark urine, nausea, vomiting, pale white stools, and yellow skin and eyes (jaundice). If you have had hepatitis A in the past or have been vaccinated against the virus, you are considered immune. Most people recover fully from this illness, but some, especially those with liver disease, do become sick enough that they must be hospitalized.

DOH-Marion is offering the hepatitis A vaccine at no cost and without an appointment. If you live in that county, visit the Ocala office at 1801 Southeast 32nd Avenue from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Free vaccinations are also offered at the Horizon Academy at 365 Marion Oaks Drive in Ocala. If you live elsewhere, contact your county’s health department for vaccinations and advice.

The best way to prevent this illness, which has sickened people all over the country, is to get a shot. You should also always wash your hands well with soap and water after using the bathroom and before preparing food. In addition, stay home from work and school if you are sick, especially with a diarrheal illness.


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