January 29, 2020

Schwan’s Garlic Herb Shrimp Recalled For Allergens

Fisherman’s Pride Processors of Vernon, California is recalling 100 bags of Schwan’s Garlic Herb Shrimp with date code 4A924608xx-B1 for undeclared milk and soy, two of the major food allergens. Anyone who is allergic to those ingredients or who is lactose intolerant could have a serious reaction if they eat this product. No reports of illnesses have been received to date by the company in connection with this issue.

The recalled product is packed in white polyethylene bags with red graphics. It is marked with Schwan’s brand and “Garlic Herb Shrimp” Net Wt. 16 ounce (1 lb) 453 grams. On the back of the package, code #567 is on the top left corner. The UPC number 052008 and product identification code 4A924608xx-B1 are also printed on the back of the package.

The recall was started after the company discovered that Schwan’s Garlic Herb Shrimp was found in cases labeled Schwan’s Shrimp Scampi. The Garlic Herb Shrimp was put into the Shrimp Scampi packages. Schwan’s may have distributed this product to the lower 48 states through their home delivery network. This product was not sold in retail stores.

If you purchased this product with that identification code and other codes, and cannot eat milk or soy, don’t eat it. Throw it away or return it to Schwan’s for a full refund.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction can vary from mild to severe. Anyone who is experiencing food allergy symptoms, including tingling of the mouth, lips, and tongue, swelling of the mouth, difficulty breathing, or hives and itching, should see a doctor.

Schwan's Garlic Herb Shrimp Recalled For Allergens

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