May 8, 2021

Canada Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Eggs Ends With 70 Sick

The Canada Salmonella outbreak linked to eggs has ended with 70 sick in two provinces, according to Public Health Canada. A specific brand of eggs was not named in the outbreak investigation notice.

Canada Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Eggs Ends With 70 Sick

The patient case count by province is: Newfoundland and Labrador (27), and Nova Scotia (43). Illness onset dates ranged from late October 2020 to mid-March 2021. Nineteen patients were hospitalized because they were so sick. The patient age range was from 2 to 98 years of age.

Between October and December 2020, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued food recall warnings for a variety of eggs that wee sold in those two provinces. Some people who got sick reported exposure to the recalled eggs, but there were a number of patients who did not.

The outbreak seems to be over, but still, consumers are advised to always follow safe food handling tips if they are buying, cooking, and storing any type of eggs or egg-based foods. Eggs and dishes that are made with eggs should always be cooked to a minimum final internal temperature of 160°F or above, as checked by a food thermometer. Avoid cross-contamination between raw eggs and other foods that are eaten uncooked. If you are making a recipe that calls for uncooked eggs, use pasteurized eggs and abide by the expiration date on the package. Finally, do not taste raw dough, batter, or any other product that contains raw egg.

Eggs can be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria in the shell and inside the egg. Salmonella contamination will not change the aroma, taste, texture, or visual appearance of eggs.

In this Canada Salmonella outbreak, many of the patients told investigators that they consumed, prepared, cooked, and baked at home with eggs. Some patients said they ate eggs at an institution, including nursing homes and hospitals, where they worked or lived before getting sick.

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