September 29, 2016

Law Firm Files Salmonella Lawsuit Against Pappadeaux in Phoenix

The law firm of PritzkerOlsen has filed a lawsuit against Pappas Restaurants Inc., owners of Pappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen in Phoenix, Arizona, on behalf of a client who ate there in August 2016. The suit was filed in the United States District Court of Arizona (Case 2:16-cv-03253-GMS). The lawsuit alleges that their client ate tilapia, shrimp, and crab cakes at that restaurant on or about August 14, 2016, and became violently ill two days later. She was admitted to Abrazo Scottsdale Campus hospital on August 20, 2016. While there, she was tested for Salmonella and a stool test came back positive for Salmonella Javiana, according to the complaint. The client spent five days in the hospital. "No one should get sick because they ate at a restaurant," said Ryan Osterholm, an … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak at Fish Fry in Lascassas, TN Sickens 54

A Salmonella outbreak at a Lascassas Fire Department Fish Fry in Tennessee has sickened at least 54 people, Woody McMillin, Director of Communication and Media Relations of the Tennessee Department of Health told Food Poisoning Bulletin. That event was held on September 10, 2016. Public health officials have not been able to determine the cause of this outbreak. The investigation is continuing with patient interviews and laboratory testing. The outbreak was discovered after clinicians in Rutherford County started reporting Salmonella cases. As of Friday, September 23, 2016, there are 54 possible cases. Eight of those cases have been lab-confirmed. Fourteen people have been hospitalized because their illnesses are so serious. There is no word on patient age range, dates of illness … [Read more...]

After Salmonella Outbreak Health Officials Warn: Hire Caterers With a Permit

After a Salmonella outbreak in Washington state was linked to Mr. Rick's, a caterer operating without a permit for years, the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department issued a consumer advisory about the importance of choosing a caterer with a permit to operate. At least 175 people from a number of counties were sickened in the outbreak. All of them attended events catered by Mr. Rick's. “Local caterers with the appropriate permit to prepare and serve food at events are responsible for following food safety rules—and protecting the public’s health,” said Rachel Knight, food safety program manager at Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. Hiring a caterer with a permit is one way to reduce the risk of food poisoning, the advisory states. In doing so, you are hiring a company that: … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak at Oscar’s Taco Bar in Colorado

A Salmonella outbreak has been linked to Oscar's Taco Bar in Breckenridge, Colorado. At least 16 people have been sickened. The restaurant was closed from July 15 through the 22, 2016, for inspection and cleaning. The outbreak was solved because those sickened visited their doctors after they became ill. The doctors sent stool samples to the state laboratory for confirmation of diagnosis, because Salmonella is a reportable condition in Colorado. Summit County inspection reports reveal problems at the restaurant. An inspection on July 15, 2016 focused on a complaint concerning possible illness. Officials found that a jug of milk was stored in the wine fridge that was 60°F and spoiled. A bag of spinach was in direct contact with raw beef in the walk in cooler. Raw fish was stored … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak in Bethel, Alaska

According to KYUK News, the Alaska Division of Public Health is investigating a Salmonella outbreak in the Bethel area. Six confirmed cases of Salmonella have occurred in that area. Louisa Castrodale, an epidemiologist with the state's Public Health Division told KYUK "it's not even the end of July and we had gotten about six cases of confirmed Salmonella from the Bethel-YK area. That's a large number of cases for a short amount of time in a smaller location, so we were really concerned there was a common source for these infections." A team of public health officials from the state arrived in the area last Wednesday and will try to find a link or common source for the illnesses. The outbreak could be linked to a contamianted food product, or it could have spread by contact with … [Read more...]

Good Vibe Tribe Luau Salmonella Cases Increase to 15

The Salmonella outbreak associated with the July 3, 2016 Good Vibe Tribe Luau and recalled Kapowsin Meats pork has now sickened at least 15 people in Washington state. Seattle and King County state that traceback information about the pork came from Kapowsin Meats, which was involved in a large Salmonella outbreak in 2015. Aa of 7/21/16, four people are confirmed ill with Salmonella infections with the same pulsed field-gel electrophoresis (PFGE) genetic fingerprint as the outbreak strain. Four patients have been confirmed with a Salmonella illness, but the PFGE pattern testing is pending. And seven people have symptoms that are consistent with a Salmonella infection, but no testing has been done. Since Salmonella infections usually manifest a few days after exposure to the … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak Prompts USDA Public Health Alert for Kapowsin Whole Hogs

Update July 22: On July 21, Kapowsin issued a recall for the whole roaster hogs. After a Salmonella outbreak earlier this month was linked to whole hogs produced by Kapowsin Meats of Graham, Washington but no recall was issued, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) today issued a a public health alert. The alert cautions consumers that the whole hogs may be contaminated with the outbreak strain Salmonella I 4,[5],12:i:-. Last year, Kapowsin whole hogs were linked to a Salmonella outbreak caused by an antibiotic resistant strain of Salmonella I 4,[5],12:i:-. That outbreak sickened 192 people in five states, hospitalizing 30 of them, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Most of the illnesses, 184, occurred in … [Read more...]

Officials Offer Info on Roaster Pig Safety After Outbreak

The Washington State Department of Health is working with other public health agencies to investigate an ongoing outbreak of Salmonella illnesses in the state. Specifically, an outbreak that has sickened at least 15 people is associated with the Good Vibe Tribe Luau that was held on July 3, 2016 at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle. One other person in another county is also sick after eating pork at a private function. Everyone who was sickened at the Luau outbreak ate pork. The pork at the Luau came from Kapowsin Meats in Graham, Washington, according to a news release by Public Health of Seattle and King County. Pork from Kapowsin Meats was linked to a large Salmonella outbreak in the northwest United States last year. PFGE results from samples taken from some of the ill persons in … [Read more...]

Good Vibe Tribe Luau WA Outbreak: Kapowsin Meats Again?

According to Public Health Insider, insights from Seattle & King County Public Health staff, pork served at the Good Vibe Tribe Luau  at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle on July 3, 2016, at which 11 people were sickened with Salmonella food poisoning, was supplied by Kapowsin Meats. That facility was linked to a Salmonella outbreak last year in the Seattle area. That 2015 outbreak sickened at least 192 people in five states. The antibiotic resistant outbreak strains of Salmonella  I 4,[5],12:i:- and Salmonella Infantis hospitalized 30 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most of those sickened in 2015 attended events where whole pigs supplied by Kapowsin were roasted. Kapowsin issued a recall of some of their products on August 13, 2015, and then … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak at Good Vibe Tribe Luau in Seattle

Public Health of Seattle and King County is investigating a Salmonella outbreak associated with attendance at the Good Vibe Tribe Luau that took place on July 3, 2016. The event was held at Golden Gardens Park at 8498 Seaview Pl NW in Seattle. As of July 15, 2016, at least four people have been sickened by the pathogenic bacteria. No one has been hospitalized in this outbreak. Salmonella case reports were received on July 11, July 12, and July 15, 2016. The common event exposure was identified during an interview on July 13, 2016. Public health investigators are looking at foods served during the luau to see what may have caused this outbreak. Foods served at the event included rotisserie roasted pig, parilla (barbecued beef), congri (black beans and rice), tropical fruit salad, … [Read more...]

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